Light Clips

Lite Clips

C-7 and C-9 Liteclip Strip clips

C-7 & C-9 LCS (Liteclip Strip) clips are for perpendicular installation of C-7 or C-9 lights in a straight line on the Liteclip Strip. The clips are designed to hold the bulb/socket assembly between the bulb and socket. The best installation of the socket and bulb is to screw the bulb through the hole in the clip and then into the socket of the light stringer.

Another option (that should be tested on a few bulbs) is the quick install/quick removal of the C-7 & C-9 sockets and clips. The bulb is twisted slightly while a slight pressure is placed downward on the clip. The legs of the clip will bend in opposite directions allowing the bulb to squeeze into the hole and the installation is complete. NOTE: some bulbs are very brittle and will break with this installation method. We recommend that you use gloves when doing this and also use caution when working overhead.

There have been requests for new LED bulbs in what is being called a "C-6" size.  We have found no set industry standard for these, as some have been in miniature screw bases, some in candelabra bases and a variety of adaptations of mini sockets.  The hole size in a C-7 is 5/8" (.625) and on a C-9 is 7/8" (.875).  If your bulb body is larger than one of these holes, then it may possibly work.  We will make other sizes as the market demand indicates.

These Clips are sold currently in bulk boxes of 1,000 clips.

Wire Clips

C-9 & C-7 Lite Clips


A special C-7 wire/rod clip is manufactured in three (3) sizes, that is specifically designed to clip a standard C-7 (candelabra) socket to a wire or rod diameter of 0.250-0.375 (1/4" 5/16" & 3/8") inches in diameter. The design of this clip is identical to the miniature clips with the exception of it's size. The length is 1/2 " (.50 inches) and the inside diameter of the socket clip is designed for a socket diameter of 0.60 to 0.635 inches. It is best described as a 3/8 x 5/8 clip. Packaging is in 10" x 10" x 8" boxes with custom boxing and/or bags. The  box contains approximately 1,600 to 2,200 clips; depending on size.

Mini Clips

The Colonnade Mini Clip is a miniature socket clip (US Pat.) designed to be easy to use and built with a material that will work under most weather conditions.

The clips come in Three (3) sizes for the rod size and one size for the socket holder. Mini Clips are a quick, fast and easy way to install mini lights on reindeer, stars, sleighs and other wire-form creations that a clean straight line look of lights is desired. The mini clips should be first sized to fit the material that you are going to install the lights on, then the fun begins!

To determine the size of rod or wire you will be attaching the light to, measure the diameter.  A simple way it to take a 3/16" 1/4" or a 5/16" drill bit and compare the size to the bit.  With the paint and any coatings the bit may be slightly under the size of the rod or wire.  The size clip selected should be  size of bit that matches, less any paint or coating. 
DO NOT assume that you need to jump to the next largest size, as it may be too big.

Install the correct number of clips on the item to be illuminated; and, carefully count the clips so as not to install more than you have lights for. Next, insert the socket into the installed clip using a rotation motion. This motion is necessary to allow the socket to become wedged in the arms of the clip and also at the same time apply pressure to the wire frame that the lights are being clipped on.

Mini Clips come packaged in a gross weight 10 lb box or a 1,000 count bag. Our clips are made of a UV resistant PVC and will last for many seasons

C-7 & C-9 clips

C-7 & C-9 clips installed on Lite Clip Strip

Wire Clips are a quick and easy way to attach the wires of

mini light sets and some C-7/C-9 sets to a 3/16" or a 1/4"

round structure like a round rod, wire or for the 1/4" Wire

Clip you can make a direct attachment to the LiteClip Strip.

The Wire Clips are designed to hold up to three (3) pieces

of the new UL standard for miniature wires (22 gauge) or

most 20 gauge SPT1 wire.


The Wire Clip is a quick alternative to a plastic wire tie or "Ty Wrap" that is commonly used to attach decorative light wires. Normally in the time it takes to thread, tighten and trim off one plastic ty, you can easily install FIVE (5) Wire Clips. That's right five Wire Clips. No trimming, No threading and no magnifying glass to find that little hard to see hole to insert that seemingly "too big" little plastic piece into.


Wire clips add that finishing touch to the Mini socket clips in those hard to reach places and between the mini sockets to firmly clip the wire down to the wire rod and frame. The white PVC Wire Clip will withstand most all weather conditions and holds firmly to the designed rod size.

Wire Clips are available in 1,000 count poly bags or bulk 10 x 10 x 8 boxes (10,000 +-).

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