Light Track

Light Track

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Bulb spacing and size options on aluminum Light Track

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Aluminum Track

Examples of bulb spacing on Lite Clip Strip

12 spacing

18 spacing

24 spacing

Colonnade Lights International offers Colonnade Light Track II in multiple configurations and models with custom options available on special order. Standard model choices include:


 Fixed & variable spacing between bulbs

 Light Track is available in Aluminum or PVC material

 Medium based sockets

 Wide bulb range from With suggested LED

 10' to 25' Custom Track sections



Almost unlimited options from bulb spacing on a variable or fixed dimension; special colors for custom runs of track; custom mounting brackets; lighting sequencers and flashers.





Determine the longest possible standard length to save time on installation and connections. (Custom lengths are available of up to 40') To determine the appropriate section lengths, consider where joints would fall and the method by which you will install the track on the roof or building location. If track installation is temporary and must be removed each year, then the storage location and methods used for the installation and removal should aid in determining the track length.



Variations on the guideline regarding building height and the recommended Colonnade Light Track bulb spacing may be necessary in special situations where:

 The proximity of other buildings, lighted or unlighted, is considered

 Exceptional building dimensions/architecture,

 There are special visibility requirements.


We will be glad to consult with your building's particular requirement. The accessories to attach the track to the building and the bulbs are purchased separately depending on application. See Accessories and installation instructions for more information. Track does not include power cords, knock-outs or wiring connectors.


Installation Manual in Adobe Acrobat


Online Installation Manual


Frequently Asked Questions about Lite Track





All final assembled Colonnade Light Track products; Parts and components, consisting of track housing, wiring and light bulb sockets are warranted to be free in manufacturer defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. PVC track in colors other than white are not warranted for distortion due to heat or sunlight exposure outdoors. This warranty covers the replacement of these parts and or component parts that prove, upon inspection by Colonnade Lights International, Inc. to be defective in the manufacturing. Wear, abuse or direct damage are not covered.

Colonnade Lights International sole responsibility shall be for the repair or replacement, as determined by Colonnade Lights International, of the defective part or component part(s). All returns must be accompanied by a written authorization for return and shipped freight prepaid to Colonnade Lights International. Repaired parts and or component parts will be shipped FOB factory or freight collect. Colonnade Lights assumes no liability for consequential damages, loss of use, time or other claims that may arise out of the use, installation or operation of the Products.

The Listed PVC and Aluminum housing the Colonnade Light Track is warranted for an additional one (1) year over and above the standard warranty not to crack, disintegrate or become unusable under normal outdoor conditions. Normal weathering and "dulling" of the finish is excluded. The application of paint, adhesives, coatings, direct light sources other than natural occurring light will void this additional year of warranty if in the opinion of Colonnade Lights International that such substance or activity may have had an influence on the track.

No warranty, certification or engineering is included for any specific installation, building requirements, codes or individual instances and the suitability for compliance with any local codes, ordinances or other requirements is afforded with this product is not included with the purchase of this product. Uses and installations other than those specifically covered in this installation manual are at the sole risk of the installer and Colonnade Lights International, Incorporated assumes no liability for such installation or resulting liability that may occur.


NOTE: Prices, terms, conditions are subject to change without notice or obligation of the manufacturer. Ties, light bulbs, adhesives, caulk, sealants, switching systems, electronic sequencers, chasers, screws, nuts, bolts and other accessories are not covered under this warranty. Warranties for these items are by their respective manufacturers.



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